Floormat, Wellness Reflexology Acupressure Stress Relief, SpaceMat
Floormat, Wellness Reflexology Acupressure Stress Relief, SpaceMat
Floormat, Wellness Reflexology Acupressure Stress Relief, SpaceMat
SpaceMat Hexagon- Graphene Enhanced Sustainable Recycled Rubber Doormat

Floormat, Wellness Reflexology Acupressure Stress Relief, SpaceMat

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Each and 10% discount for 2 mats or more.

Ergonomically Engineered- Pins Designed to Massage Feet and Healthy Relaxation

Easy Care- Shake off dust or hose wash

Environmental & Sustainable- Recycled & natural rubber

Safe Materials- REACH compliant

Graphene- Taking advantage of novel two-dimensional nanotechnology- in a hexagonal lattice- to enhance the quality, performance & durability

Traditionally, in the West people protected their feet by wearing shoes during all climatic conditions and in the time of work and war alike. There are huge categories of shoes made specifically for every occasion and profession and it has acquired a prestigious position in the field of high fashion and wearing the branded ones as a status symbol. At the same time you get the feeling of relaxation only when the shoes are removed.

Ancient wisdom of the East, from the time of Buddha, taught that there are numerous points under the feet which are directly connected to the various organs in the body. They also knew that by stimulating those points the speed of blood circulation get increased and the organs and systems are energised for better performance. They practiced bare foot walking on wet pebble stones and grass; and from experience we also know the soothing, refreshing and energising effect of such exercises.

The Chinese system of Acupuncture is based on this principle. The Indian systems that are widely accepted and practiced all over the world, the Yoga and Meditation are the natural ways of keeping body and mind in good health. Ayurveda is also more concerned with well being of the body than for the treatment of ailments and tremendous importance is given to the massage of the body especially that applied to the foot.

Modern life styles and most profession desk jobs required people to have minimised movement of the leg and feet. It is a dangerous situation where due to high concentration in the work, for hours together, any exercise to the furthest parts of the body from the heart that requires attention is most often ignored. Although the modern floors furnished with tiles, vinyl, wood and carpets are very neat and attractive; the polished surfaces do not articulate any amount of energy to the human body.

To overcome this situation we introduce SpaceMat (Reflexology wellness Acu-Stimulation-Mat) to be used on the floor under the table to place your foot. By pressing the feet on the mat you get the continuous stimulation to maintain a higher level of blood circulation that automatically reduces tiredness and fatigue. It invigorates your organs, systems and brain and keeps you smart, energetic and alert and protects your mind from the negative effect of professional hazards such as stress, strain and monotony. You get the effect of Acupuncture massage and the benefits are more energy, better performance, and smart personality. Hence the simple use of SpaceMat assures you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle at no recurring expenses.

It is also advised to stand on and use the multi-functional floor mat in household areas like living room, family room, bed room, kitchen and rest areas inside or outside.

Simple and easy to use - step on the mat with socks on and feel the pressure points.

Product Dimensions: 50cm length edge x 50cm width edge x 1.5cm height, Weight: 1.5 Kg

Lets take care of our health and planet!

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