VisionCreating, Sustainable, Innovative and Ethical Products for all; Helping our Planet and its Inhabitants using Graphene


MissionConnecting Ethical and Environmentally Responsible Consumers to Sustainable Products



Business Summary

Sustainable Circular Waste Tyre Upcycling Platform Technology using Graphene – First Product - SpaceMat®. Space Blue Limited invented and developed a graphene enhanced recycled rubber floor mat to address the global problem of waste tyre (1.5 billion waste tyre) that are currently being burned or going to landfill.


The Problem

Recycling of used car tyres is one of the Environmental and Sustainability challenges the UK is facing currently and according to a report that is published by both the Guardian and Reuters, several thousand tonnes of the waste UK tyres are shooed abroad each year.


Our Solution

SpaceBlue Limited is a Manchester-based start-up came up with a novel solution to address this issue by developing a Graphene enhanced recycled rubber product- the SpaceMat® which has mass utilisation with the support of The Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) at the University of Manchester. SpaceMat® is the best option to replace synthetic mat, disposal of which is a cause of pollution leading to an environmental disaster. SpaceMat® can be used as a doormat at the entrances of homes, offices, public and industrial buildings in addition to its wider applications as an anti-fatigue and an anti-slip at areas like workplace, gym, playground and swimming pool.


The intention of SpaceBlue is to enhance the physical properties of recycled end-of-life rubber waste of vehicle tyres, footwear and rubber hand gloves to bring out a high-value product. The start-up has formulated a winning strategy, a confidence to build a vibrant presence in the Fashion-Functionality-Price-Quality conscious and environment-sustainability-aesthetic sensitive modern consumer. SpaceMat® is made of up to 80% recycled rubber and graphene-enhanced 20% natural rubber. Floor mats undergo compression, and fundamental study had shown that by adding graphene into the rubber, it can double the compression strength, and this increases the durability of the SpaceMat®.